Your mission – should you choose to accept it…

Is to turn a spotty, yet wrinkled, 38 year old mother of two who is in full possession of a spare tyre, many badger-head grey hairs and a hatred of manicured fingernails (on herself) into something more akin to a SATC kinda gal.  Can it be done before I turn 40?  Will surgery be necessary?  Watch this space.

 However, before any of that, it’s the beginning of the two week school holidays and I have a 5 year old and 3 year old to entertain, one 9 month old lurcher and a cat who looks at our domestic chaos with disdain through the kitchen window.  Or from the shed roof if the sun is shining. 

 “Suckers” we hear her say softly!

Today’s mission is to renew the car tax disc that ran out yesterday.  A simple piece of administrative detail in your life maybe.  But in the world of makemeadiva, no.  Not simple, far from indeed.  Paperwork to find.  Why does the man in our lives (oh yes did I forget to mention him) insist on keeping all the ancient MOT certificates  in one place and the current one somewhere completely different.  And why, I wonder, after 8+ years together do we still have so many filing places.  His filing places x 2, mine x 1, blended filing places about 3.  My mother kept an office filing cabinet in the dining room when I was a kid.  Style heresey, yes but a sensible timesaving system too.  One which I lack.  I’ve found the MOT cert and the Vehicle Reg document (for some reason the DVLA don’t know where we live after nearly two years).  So now it is back into the fray to find the insurance letter – are we insured?  I damn well hope so.

 And if I ever get out the house with all the bits of poxy paperwork to the post office, I’ll be looking out for a nice metal filing cabinet out on the pavement from one of those secondhand office furniture gaffs :-/

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