Digital Nightmares

I am not a “digital native” having not quite grown up with the technologies that are mobiles, pcs and mp3s etc. etc.

However I am pretty adaptable and feel that I use the aforementioned to dwell comfortably in the digital world.  Until now that is.  Now is the point I have reached where I have a bag full of dysfunctional phones, at least two broken digital cameras and I never know where I am in meetings when people pull out their diaries to arrange “the next convenient date”.  It is at this juncture I nod and smile enthusiastically and scratch out the time and date onto a stone tablet I carry round in my bag.  That’s if I’ve brought the stone tablet bag.  Sometimes I’ve brought the bag of crap bag, yet others the bag that seems to promise so much and deliver so little.  Hmmm.

The point being, to remind myself, that I never have the right fully operational  phone, camera doodaa wotsit at the right time and consequently that digital timesaving devices have become a blunt stick with which to beat myself with.  Inefficiency exposed is the general theme.   So I have fixated on obtaining one device to Do It All (DIA).  DIA is something other women may be familiar with?  I have never aspired to “having it all” but I regularly find myself having to DIA.  So one gadget that I can keep with me, hopefully not drop, and use for all those things I need to do to appear fully functioning in the real world. 

With the new President Obama in post clinging to his Blackberry for his dear life I figured that could be the way to go.  Research showed however that I would be getting into dicy battery life if I wanted to use it as a phone.  There was also another problem that I have forgotten as the research was conducted at least a week ago.  So I looked at a Nokia and a Samsung but really I couldn’t split the two.  Then I got bored, forgot half of what I had found out and remain locked in a digital nightmare.

p.s. what I really wanted was the indestructible, waterproof number from Nokia. It had all kinds of useful things for sporty types on it. Sadly it had one fatal flaw – after use the keypad would drop off!

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