A Narrative

I think we need one.

If I’d have known I would be makemeadiva henceforth in the world of wordpress.com, I think I would have given the moniker more thought. The narrative back there was something to do with (bear in mind I cannot remember mobile phone research I conducted a fortnight ago and I named the blog nearly a year ago) wanting to make something more of myself on a superficial level and probably on a deeper level too.

I was a girl who took a lot of time and trouble with my appearance and have grown to a woman whose sartorial aim now is to not look I have been recently dragged through a hedge backwards. I have enough insight to realise that sometimes (truthfully many times) I fail! I have got into bad habits in maquillage and don’t invest much in condiments and dressings for my face. My hair should be cut regularly, but as it is long, I leave it for months between cuts because I can just about get away with it. As I write on this primping and preening subject I get bored already and there is the thing I think. Self-interest is dull. Yes I want to look good, but am I on a limited budget and with little time to invest prepared to make an enormous and sustained effort? The answer is no. That is why at this time of the year I resemble something like this.

The legs of a goat surveying the lack of narrative

The legs of a goat surveying the lack of narrative

And that my dears, is what is known as “a beginning”. Stand by for a big, fat, hairy middle.

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