Friday the 13th x 3 – (part 1, yikes)

There are three of the blighters in 2009, today, one next month and then one in November.   If you are extremely worried about these dates on the calendar chances are that you have paraskavedekatriaphobia.  Fantastic.  If you merely have a phobia about the number 13 and are not fussed if it is Friday are not you merely have a case of triskaidekaphobia – fascinating huh?

Statistically we are all less likely to have had an accident today because we are all being so extra careful, unless you live in the UK and were driving in 1993 on Friday 13th in which case statistics show the opposite. Statistics tend to do that though, don’t they, change their flipping mind?  The linking of the “unlucky for some” number 13 and Friday is a relatively modern phenomenon.  It’s a pretty boring one to my mind too.  Sure, isn’t there enough to worry about, like whether bad things happen in threes (refer to my earlier “one joyful event!” post)?

One bad thing

One bad thing

Another very bad thing

Another very bad thing

The worst and the last bad thing for today (I hope)

The worst and the last bad thing for today (I hope)

I feel I will end the day with a fully-fledged fear of the number three.  Apparently that’s just plain ol’ triskaphobia and it is a fear of the number 3 or any of its multiples 6,9,12,15…
That’s a pretty hardcore phobia, so a shout out and sympathy to any real sufferers – this year is going to be a nightmare 😦

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