Cycling towards a joyful event…

After about the 10 miles mark I concluded that cycling hard in wellies (albeit pink paisley ones) is not conducive to looking the part or indeed feeling the part of a sophisticated and effortless charity biker.  I can confidently state that my feet have hitherto spent nearly 40 years without sweating but the conditions they endured in my gumboots today changed all that!

I had plenty of time to think about things on my epic, nearly two hour cycle, but all that I managed to come up with was:-

  1. how much rubbish there was to be found in the verges of the highways and byways
  2. how boring cycling can be in a flat landscape
  3. how cycling spirits improve when you hit the coastal view
  4. how halva is an essential part of this cyclist’s survival kit
  5. how I might look in a photo shoot wearing pre-requisite padded cycling shorts with aforementioned wellies
  6. that I MUST cycle to Suffolk for Easter in the sure knowledge bowls of chocolate would await

So nothing too deep or profound there then.  I noticed that the physical of effort of cycling merely gave me sweaty feet but sadly had no effect whatsoever on the stray nervous tic I have rehomed in my eyelid.  That’s very annoying frankly, I am hoping it will be gone in the morning…   It is in the same eye as the wretched and premature floaters and my vision is getting interfered with.  At some point on the bike ride I worked out the probable reason the optician didn’t give me a prescription at the last eye test.  It is because my field of vision deteriorates immediately after the wall they hang their eye tests on!  I can read most of their letters (even the small ones) through a process of squinting and deduction.  Unfortunately that method really doesn’t do for driving, watching ballet or football, or cycling into a North Sea wind from Siberia.

I am, in short, desperate for glasses.  If anyone’s got a spare +0.50 prescription or pair of specs I’d be eternally grateful!

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