Cheltenham Epilogue

There are two post scripts from The Festival. 

1) Neptune Collonges was sadly found to have sustained a tendon injury during the Gold Cup and will be out until 2010/2011 season.  From reports it seems that his owner, John Hales, attributes the injury to the reason he ran lower down the field in the race than was certainly expected.  I hope they get him back sound and have more great days out with him in the future.

2) Kasbah Bliss DID NOT STAY.  I did not attend to the detail of the World Hurdle which was this.  In 2008 KB finished a worthy second to the magnificent Inglis Drever which was good form.  I thought a replication of that would be enough, as indeed it may have been ON the OLD course.  But last week’s race was run on the NEW course as was the race in 2007 wherein he finished 5th.  The New course has a longer run in and is said to expose any chinks in a horse’s stamina.  This information was shared today by Mel Collier in the Racing Post’s Anorak Corner.  Now I am not sure how one would have got this information except by using the evidence of ones own eyes but it just goes to show you must factor everything possible in before putting your money down.

Slapped wrist!

Get well soon Neptune

Get well soon Neptune

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