Bureaucracy in the bicycle hut

I have signed up for the government scheme “Cycle 2 Work”, a salary recovery scheme that saves you money when you buy a bike using their voucher system and pay them back monthly for a year.  Essentially you get a good discount on the price when using the scheme.

You run into trouble in the administration of it though.  The scheme my employer runs (although annoyingly I believe this is changing for the new financial year) means I can only get a bike through Halfords who don’t supply the bike of my dreams.  I was told this was no problem as Halford could simply purchase from another supplier and then sell to me but, as of yesterday, Halfords have ridden over this dream unequivocally.

Apparently I could not use the voucher and re-apply under the new scheme, but having prevailed upon various managers to countersign documents and send off in a hurry as the scheme was closing I can imagine this might not go down very well…

Why oh why can things just not be lovely and straightforward?  I have enough to do worrying about finding actual time to do the training and starting to panic about fundraising without having to do battle to get the right conveyance!

Interesting footwear...

Interesting footwear...



If you would like to support the homeless charity “The Big Issue” please visit the page above for more information.  All donations most humbly and gratefully received 🙂

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