The muse (if it ever came) has left me

All I can think about at the moment is renaming the few hills that live in Essex, in particular sunny Southend-on-Sea.

Beast Hill, Bastard Hill, Gregg’s Hill, Long, drag lose the will to live hill.  Actually I am glad to live along the hill, if only becasue when global warming really kicks in I should be safely out of harms way when the tide rushes in – selfish eh?

What names I am going to have to come up with on the South Dwons (dec;ared a National Park or something this week) I shudder to think.  The bottom line is I live in fear of hills and having to cycle up them and I am putting the bloglessness down to that particular preoccupation.  Sad but true.

The Big Hill and Me

The Big Hill and Me

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