The Day Strong Men Wept – Grand National Day


Well the quote actually relates to Red Rum’s historic and unlikely to be equalled record of three wins in the race in 1977, but I think it sums up the essence of the day each year.

Some will win and some will lose and some worse but let’s hope perpetually that won’t be the case this year.

I have always loved horses and Red Rum was my favourite as a child, along with the t.v. Black Beauty who was my first pin up.  Now as a weak-stomached adult I can hardly bear to look but as always, the romance and expectation of the thing will see me take my headphones to listen to the commentary at the Emirates this afternoon.

If you are running, riding or playing – good luck and I will leave you with a quote from the ineffable Ginger McCain who wrote in his book “From Red to Amber”

“I said when Red Rum started to become a good horse that I wouldn’t sit on him until he retired.  If truth were known I didn’t want to insult him.”

The legend training on Southport beach

The legend training on Southport beach

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