The Emirates Stadium

Speaks for itself?

Speaks for itself?


This spot is a lot nicer on a sunny afternoon in April when Arsenal (sporting transferred Russian Arshavin) are playing free and flowing football than on my previous visit earlier this year.  That day was the coldest in London for ten years and Arsenal, be gloved and be hatted if they were allowed, were tight and surly and made an awful meal of beating Bolton 1-0 (thank you green-booted Bendtner).

Yesterday they would have not been lavish in their scoring if the sheet had read 5-o against Man City.  As it was we took the 2-0, although for betting purposes I was looking for a bit of 2-1!  Frankly the North-West were not looking up for it in the last 15, I think they could nearly have lain down on the magnificent turf and sunbathed for all the impact they made.  Robinho (substituted) looked like he was on an early holiday but I took time to admire the workrate and heart of Shaun Wright-Phillips up and down the wing.  It helped that he faced the right way most of the time. 

Yet I was left, as before, with the overwhelming marvel that is the Highbury (sorry) pitch.  It is like plush velvet.  Scuzzy boot marks spring back to vanish altogether within seconds.  Oh woe is me that the Head Groundsman has departed for Real Madrid.  We can only hope and pray that he has taught his understudy well.

Goodbye Paul Burgess, its been a ball, hello Paul Ashcroft.

Goodbye Paul Burgess, it's been a ball, hello Paul Ashcroft.

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