Horses and Football

Seem to be popular on the blog, again I use the word loosely. I prefer racing but the football season provides a great backdrop to the brief bursts of velocity on the racetracks and lately I have found myself wondering about more things Premiership. Like:

what is the problem with the Wembley turf
how good can Arshavin be
why can refs only referee the FA Cup once
what is it about Sir Alex Ferguson
why do people leave the match before the final whistle

I have a partial answer to my first pondering today – the pitch will be returfed immediately with a different composition of grass from the existing rye-grass and the new surface will be a sand-soil pitch. Arsene has blamed the pop concerts, Alex has said it looked dead to him and David Moyes (I can’t just say David can I, sorry David) thinks it played spongy. Great minds of football clearly don’t think alike. Well that’s solved that one then?

I know its rugby but its Wembley rugby

I know it's rugby but it's Wembley rugby

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