Stephen Hendry’s 1000th frame and footie results in a hermetically sealed room

One minute I was taking snaps of the dog relaxing on a deckchair in the garden, the next my youngest was fracturing her thumb in same.

We were therefore condemned to 4 hours in the children’s waiting room of the local A&E, no natural light but some sobbing kids and stressed parents. The little lifesaver on the wall was the portable tv tuned to BBC2 and the refugee from racing, Rishi Persaud (snooker suits you Rishi), that other fella who was a footballer but looks more like a rugby player whose name completely escapes me and then Martin “Sea Monster” forgotten his surname too (see what effect an injured child has on the brain). Anyway, Martin is better looking in civvies and is a knowledgeable addition to the sofa – he can stay – it’s Keown isn’t it?

So whilst being a concerned mum I also managed to follow a couple of snooker frames (think they were live?) and caught the Stephen Hendry century on his 1000th frame. Because the acoustics in children’s waiting rooms ain’t all that, I thought the commentator said that it was his 1000th at the Crucible. I am not sure if he meant he has played thousands of other frames elsewhere or if the 1000th competitive frame happened to be right here, right now at the Crucible. Answers on a comments postcard from snooker lurkers most welcome.

I am also intimately acquainted with blow-by-blow verbal accounts of today’s football matches, in the nonsense that is the BBC football reporting without pictures and Garth Crooks excited reportage. Someone was sent off at Fulham (Stoke player I am guessing), Everton’s exertions in the FA Cup must have taken their toll, or Man City have drunk of the elixir of life because last I heard it was 2-0 to Man City (can’t remember home team!). I was hoping (but not really expecting) that Hull might rediscover something against the mighty (yet held at home by Arsenal who should have won!) Liverpool and last I left it was 1 -2. Phil Brown is an interesting character to my mind but I wonder if his thought processes need a little refining, I don’t know, just wondering. Thankfully my phone kept me in touch with Sandown and Paco Boy (hurray he stays the mile and some) and also let me know that Toyota are dominating the grid in Bahrain tomorrow with Lewis Hamilton 5th. So all in all, if you must be stuck in a room with a giant “Connect” game that clatters on the floor all afternoon, with the sun in full swing outside with the panoply of Saturday sports I could have had at least one wager on, there are ways and means of keeping abreast of events!

My sympathies went out to the Dad waiting with the girl who had a cut on her head – he was clearly a West Ham fan and the nurse was an awful long time coming with the painkillers (for his daughter). We also saw quite a few footballers in the adult A&E waiting room – all in stockinged feet. Where do all those boots go?

I have more to say about Wembley and London clay but as I have lost 4 hours today I need to catch up with some shopping (guests tomorrow in double figures) and buy some bandages for the fracture clinic in the front room. Looks like the toe-nail painting and de-hairing of goat legs will have to wait until another day.

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  1. Hello, I’m not really a lurker, but I happened across this searching on Stephen Hendry. It was the 1000th frame Hendry had won at the crucible. Apparently there are only 5 players who’ve even played 1000 frames there, much less won them, so it was kind of awesome.

    I hope your daughter’s thumb is okay:)

  2. Thanks for clearing that up Wren 🙂

    It was a great achievement. I hope he continues in the same vein. I like snooker, playing it badly, and watching it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the Championship.

  3. Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for posting. I’ll probably be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good posts

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