Champions League semis and more on the Wembley Pitch

These first leg semis have been stressful affairs frankly.  That Chelsea could visit Camp Nou and there be no goals at all frankly beggars belief (mine anyway).  I suppose all credit must go to Hiddinck’s side for getting the tactics right.  I did notice the pitch looked quite roomy and a brief investigation of the facts reveal that Barcelona’s stadium measures 105 metres x 72 metres – 3 metres wider than the benighted Wembley.

I have had a look round to see if I can come up with the equivalent sizes of some of the Premiership pitches but a lot of the data “out there” seems to be imperially measured in yards!  I’ve never known what a yard is – feet would work for me – yards are gobbledegook.

Here, football fans, post your measurements (in metres please) below 😉

Whilst I was thinking about all this before 8 this morning, I happened upon this amazing fact: the new Wembley pitch (that spongy, dead one) is a full 4 metres lower than the last one.  Now, I’m no geologist but I reckon going 4m down is going to be excavating beyond your general topsoil and leaving your pretty turf sat straight on the London clay (shudder).  I am beginnning to wonder if the new sandy soil surface is going to be much help, unless it is a few metres deep!

On the Arsenal, still in it to win it, on the best turf in the business next week – just get some cannon and cavalry to bolster up the back four please (hands folded in silent supplication)…

Almunia has kept the dream alive (just)

Almunia has kept the dream alive (just)

N.B. I don’t support Arsenal but it is in my interest to at least favour their fortunes (and they do play some pretty football).

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