Are you a Gooner? Champions League semi-final (2nd leg) May 5th

Well, if you are, you should be suffering from jumping frogs in your stomach right now (that’s according to all the staunch supporters I’ve been canvassing this morning).  They go from wanting to talk about nothing else, at length, to having to turn off all the idle prattle and go inside themselves for a bit of vital inner calm before tonight’s crunch match.

The Man U fans, with the goal in hand, might not be quite so tortured as the average Gunner.  I would hazard a guess (I won’t be talking to any to find out the facts!!!) that a goal in hand at home scored by a defender is not the most comforable position to be in either.  On the tighter Emirates pitch we can hope that Arsenal will play as if their lives depended up on it.  It seems like a long time since they scaled the heights – in fact my daughter was born the day after their last big victory parade through Islington on Sunday May 12th 2002 when they won the Premiership and FA Cup double.  Of course, the cupboard’s not been entirely bare since then but still, this one means a lot. 

As I’ve said before I’m pretty impartial but I can’t say I’ve ever taken to the might that is Manchester United.  Neither to the undisputed manager of managers Sir Alex.  I’m not naysaying his genius and I respect the guy but I don’t take to him.  So tonight my loyalties will most certainly lie with the home side and I would remind you Gooners of Arsene Wenger’s words.  He is expecting his team to be “magnificent” and he expects the home fans to make some

N O I S E!!!

So if you are going tonight (and if even if you aren’t) lets have none of this Library @ Highbury business and more of a Gunners’ Roar – after all you are named after a store for arms and weapons 🙂



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  1. Good god in heaven, it’s like 10 foxes in the hen house…

  2. I’ve only just recovered (the resident fan has not) and I have decided on balance it is probably worse to be a Chelsea fan this week.

    Those lucky lucksters meet in Rome, which way will the ref blow though?

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