MP’s Expenses – Day Three Thousand and Ten

Or does it just feel like that to me?

Of course, like all right-minded citizens I find the whole saga outrageous but I am now at a point that I can only describe as acceptance, just like many of those transgressing Members of Parliament.  If they had not accepted that the whole warped system was there to top up their salaries to the max, whatever whichway they could, we would not be reading about shopping lists as diverse as Aspidistras – Zebra rugs, with chandeliers, Ikea napkins and horse shit in between.

Some of these people’s actions are frankly bordering on the criminal and there is a healthy sprinkling of fraudsters in there too.  On the other hand some of them have been more mindful of the public purse .v. their needs and wants, and for those MPs, who did not play a system ripe for the abusing, I have a good deal of respect.  Hazel Blears and her ilk should be richly rewarded with the public toe up her bottom when her seat next comes up, so, enjoy being a public servant whilst it lasts love!

My final point before I wrap up the brief rant, is that I keep hearing bleatings about none of it happening if MPs were being paid commensurately with the private sector.  What nonsense  – they are different.  They perform different functions in society and there is no reason why the pay should be in the same ballpark.  There will be those that trot out the line about “attracting the best candidates” but I promise you it is a red herring and a good MP would never be in it for the money. I work in the public sector, I have worked in the private sector for more money and less reward.  You makes your choices and you pays your prices (unless you are in the Houses of Parliament) and then we pay for it through the nose.

Your average MP?

Your average MP?

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  1. Hazel Blears represents the country’s safest seat (Salford), so unfortunately we’ll be stuck with her for quite a while.

    • Amazing, I tried to like her all along and failed and now I particularly can’t stand her! She must have a very thick skin indeed if she stays in office…

      Having said that you wouldn’t survive long in politics if you weren’t covered in rhino hide.

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