I fear the makemeadiva blog may be groaning under the strain of the various tangents my mind (and conspiritorial fingers) is (or is it are) bursting to chase off on.

We have thoughts on:

Parliamentary reform – that we should use modern technology and avoid the largest weekly talking shop on this sceptred isle therefore removing the need for a London pad.

Tea – not to forget to cook it now I have remembered to visit the shops, even though I did forget the loo (not toilet) paper.  Actually I didn’t forget, I couldn’t find it and got bored then gave up.

Fundraising – how to make the breakthrough needed to raise the last £1500

Training – how to fit it in and can I cope with another 60 miles on Saturday

Poetry – whose poetry do I prefer anyway, Ruth Padel’s or Derek Walcott’s?

Hair – not to forget to sort out the nappy dreadlocks of my eldest before tomorrow

Poetry – how to get out the Kindertransport poem that’s been haunting me

Packing – to try and be sufficiently organised to sort out the girls overnight (x2) clothes before their departure

Poetry competition – how to get the magazine publisher cornered into a morning meeting in the next hour and the non-existent marketing plan production

Tyre – to try and remember to replace the nickable one on the car

Freecycling – actually I’ll save that for a real blog post because I thought it was highly amusing!

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