Champions League Final Night Pt II

There is a nice little 7f coming up from Beverley.  As it’s my blog I’ll also commit the crime of aftertiming and tell you that I backed Lady Hillingdon to place at Southwell and she obliged in 2nd place, which puts me back up, a bit.

7f is a specialist distance, harder for a sprinter to last and miler to fudge back over.  Can I find the winner though?  My favourite 7f sire is Green Desert on good to firmer ground.  Off to see if that’s an option here.  Man U fans look a bit solemn, hard to do in a gold and very shiny centurion’s helmet.

No Green Deserts so gone with a Diktat filly to place.  No win bets tonight because I am playing with a piddling pot so to speak!  Football started again.  Man U have never lost a European final.

Edwin van der Sar saves Henry’s effort.  Man U “teetering”.  Free kick to Barca on the edge, Diktat filly does not place think 4th not much in it, always very annoying to be beat short distances.

Piquet off the post.

Man U “familiarising themselves with the ball”.

Ronaldo offside.  Racing this side of the pond finishing up at Southwell, vow not to even peek at the US markets as that way madness lies…

Wayne Rooney onside but can’t keep the ball in.  Apparently Barca have a multi-talented bench.  I wish I had one of those.  Corner to Man U, Giggs delivers into Vidic, didn’t quite get it together.  Berbatov taking his jacket off.  Headband in place already.  Who’s coming off?

Realised I forgot to get my glasses.  Can’t be bothered now.  We agree on the settee that it is boring mostly so far.  The other end reminds me he predicted that they would nullify each other earlier today.  Why does Ronaldo look like he’s wearing a gum shield? 

Official commentary say Man U need a goal “out of the blue”.  I am sure Sir A has trained them better than that lads.  I don’t feel at all schadenfraude ish yet.  I would suggest Sir A brings on Berbatov before Barca score again – too late!!!

Messi scores (he’s 5 ft 7 apparently).  Van der Sar no chance.  Henry off.  I think it’s all over now with 20 minutes to go.


Oops no, Berbatov is on and Man U very nearly score through Giggs.  Tactically I think Sir A has made a mistake, Berbatov should have been on at the 30 mins to go mark.  I think the horse has bolted, the bird has flown.  It’s a lot less boring now but at 2-0 goodnight 🙂

P.S. the red army have found their voice but it may have to be a lament

Messi - it is for Manchester

Messi - it is for Manchester

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