Naively, I thought I would hop on a bike and cycle to France

Then as these things have a habit of doing, it all got a bit complicated.

I assumed I would go on the family bike…

Wrong, I had to buy an expensive hybrid.  I wanted a Trek.  So I got a Boardman.  I didn’t want to get it from the Bike Hut @ Halfords because their bad rap precedes them in forum land.  Then I got it in Halfords.  So far, so not smooth sailing or cycling!

Now I am obsessed with the thought that my bike may not be a fit for me.  It needs setting up properly.  So what’s the problem you wonder?  This proper “setting-up” means a trip to the Local Bike Shop (LBS) and I fear them.  They know of what they speak and I am terrified that they are going take my money and call me an idiot!  Or worse I am going to have to go back to Halfords and argue the toss with a teenager who may have sold me a bike with a frame that is too big for me 😦

Neither option appeals but the seed is planted in my brain now and away it burrows like a canker.  It’s all so technical  I can barely follow it myself when I have tried to research it.  Have I been overbiked?  With horses it’s easy to tell if you have been overhorsed.  I have been overhorsed more than once.  On my own dear nutty equine I looked like a pea on a drum and my legs would dangle rather ineffectually barely halfway down his flanks.  Then there was Peggy-Sue, she of the bull-neck and forward-going disposition.  It’s easy to tell on a horse you see.  This bike is ok, I can touch the floor and handlebars at the same time, but as my back has started to hurt it can’t be can it?

I should have bought one of those bikes you recline in, they look much more comfy.

Natty eh?

Natty eh?

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