Carb-loading starts

Regretfully without the burrata cheese which sounded a bit disgusting frankly, described as being like mozzarella with buttery cream/creamy butter inside, and not worth the effort of sourcing.

So I made do with broad bean, asparagus and smoked salmon pasta with a lemon and dill sauce. Perfectly acceptable and the children had fun with the broad beans.

I spent the morning surrounded by cakes and biscuits in a day-long and terribly dull meeting for a database but I have learned you can’t carb-load a)in public b) before lunch. At least I can’t.

Actually carb-loading makes me feel a bit sick but I think it may be a necessity if I am not to topple off the ferry mid-crossing to Caen in a fit of exhaustion.

I think nerves and carbs are making me, if not quite monosyllabic, a bit less blogvoluble than usual.

Carbs spookily arranged as a dead deer (protein)

Carbs spookily arranged as a dead deer (protein)

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