I’m back from a joyful and somewhat painful event!

When you spend about ten hours a day on the bike, pedalling away like a nutter, the mind plays tricks on you. At least mine did. I was busy trying to stay in the moment; not think ahead too much and certainly not beyond the next refreshment stop and my preoccupations became slightly bizarre to say the least. One was this –  had Saeed Manana (an Arab owner of racehorses) been strongly influenced in his choice of racing silks by French roadsigns?

The other recurring theme became a list. A never-ending list of pointless items that seem to get manufactured in some mysterious and warped factory despite there being perfectly good and sensible alternatives made anyway. For example – white hotel kettles that boil in their own time, orange juice that comes out of a bottle and tastes nothing like orange juice, railway signs that say “Kensal Rise – Temporary Sign” (actually that was when I was on the train with the bike but I was thinking about cycling) and finally the design of public places and transport’s soft furnishings and upholstery, which I consider to be the products of truly disturbed minds.

Je ne comprends pas!

Je ne comprends pas!

More on the actual cycling later…

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    • Well that leaves today for training and then I’ll have to fly there tomorrow!

      We’ve had the Arctic conditions for training purposes though…

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