Cycling, Racing or Neither?

Day one of Glorious Goodwood and my head is still full of cycling thoughts cycling… I’ve read the Balding yard think a lot SWINDLER in the Gordon Stakes at 2.45 today and I was shocked to read that Masterofthehorse is with Miss D Mountain now.  No disrespect to her, but not where I thought he would be come the summer season.  I must have been on another planet for that piece of info to pass me by and that is rather how it feels.  As if I am halfway between the biggest organic chemical comedown I’ve ever experienced, courtesy of the bike, and my own life. 

Seems I have some reinterpretation of daily routine to organise.  I’ll have to take the dog for a run and think about it.



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  1. Stephen Foster

    Should I read that book? I’ll be looking for holiday reading in due course. The title is in homage (I imagine) to Raymond Carver’s, What we talk about when we talk about love.

  2. You are right about the title. I think it is well written and the thought “Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional” certainly kept me on track at times! It is quite bijoux so you’d need another book or ten. One of the elite lads (21) was reading Peter Ackroyd’s London, but then he would, having hours to kills waiting for the “Sunday cyclists” to come home in their own time!

  3. Poor old Swindler was a bit of a Sunday cyclist too yesterday. Never mind. Ghanaati against the boys deserves her own post but I don’t know if the brain is working yet.

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