Definitely Racing! Sussex Stakes Consideration…

This has been brief I admit.  If we get a downpour as per the Met Office’s “Weather Warning” the goalposts will move considerably in any case so I don’t see much point in death by preview.

Ghanaati won’t want rain.  She also might improve but the course is an unknown as is her fairer sex form.  I still love her miler’s pedigree with a passion but the ifs and buts are tempering my usual enthusiasm for a filly against the colts.  Look Here hasn’t helped either to be truthful.

Rip Van Winkle has apparently had a minor setback, some suspect ramping, frankly I don’t care.  He may be putatively the “best horse in the race” but I don’t think this mile will see him at his very best anyway.  Dangerous but discounted nonetheless.

I like Lord Shanakill and I like Paco Boy.  It seems silly to write, the horse that wins finishes his race off best, but at Goodwood it does often seem to me to be about the finish and I can rely on Paco Boy in that respect in spades.  He also has the all-important course form and when I last looked the 11/4 seemed a touch generous.  Noseda’s Forgotten Voice is going to be an each-way price and is not without a chance for a place, but realistically I suppose we are looking at the three market leaders to fill the places in some order or another.  I am concerned about Ghanaati, I am a big, big fan but I am worried about rain, the course and the colts so I won’t back her today. 

My money is on the Boy.  I’m going to be tempted by the Lord.  Let’s hope the rain stays away 🙂

Lord Shanakills - undoubtedly tough

Lord Shanakill - undoubtedly tough

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  1. Stephen Foster

    I was for Ghanaati this morning; I backed Conduit on Saturday against your preview. Make of this what you will. You have only messed with my head here because Paco Boy would be my definite second pick. (Line through RVW – if he didn’t like the undulations at Newmarket, he certainly won’t like them at Goodwood.)

    What does it mean when you say a book is bijou?

    • Bijou – sorry about the x! = small but perfectly formed in my mind

      Thank god you backed Conduit, I love the horse but I have a petty embargo on Stoute runners.

      Looks like no rain in Sussex – I’d love Ghanaati to win but I’m sticking with the mad lad.

  2. Stephen Foster

    We bowf don a blida ver.

    (Am finking ver mus be a Xmas stocking filla book in stuff like vat noo pos)

  3. Fluent Estuary – how marvellous 🙂

    Paco finished his race off I guess, pity the “best horse in the race” was a bit in front.


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