A Makemeadiva Breakthrough!

I bought some nail varnish.  Have you seen the price of the stuff?  Not wishing to be undone by the cosmetic company daylight robbery merchants I managed to get a “well-known brand” in Poundland.  I used to be too posh to shop there, but many drains on few resources have seen me get well acquainted with these places and then the challenge is not to buy sacks of the living crap as it is all only a pound (or in the 99p shop, even cheaper).  If you are interested I can also write a paean of praise to LIDL another time…

Yesterday I passed on by the temptations of enamel bowls (too expensive only one for a pound) and one pound porn dvds – can you imagine?  We were completely beside ourselves when we found our cat’s favourite tinned food for not 72p per tiny tin, but 4 tins for (you guessed it) a pound.  So we bought eight.  Anyway I could carry on, but the contents of the placky bag, they don’t charge you for, would not be overly riveting after the dizzy heights of the great savings on Gourmet tins of duck with garden vegetables.  When we shared the victory over the supermarkets with the OH he commented wryly that at that price we should all start eating the stuff.

The breakthrough was the nail varnish.  I was going to paint my nails.  I painted a thumbnail and got distracted.  I also bought a glitter eyeshadow pen (I can’t resist glitter anything but I state categorically that errant glitter is mighty uncomfortable) which I slathered on myself and the 5 year olds eye-lids.  I then painted all her toe-nails except the little ones which are a strange horn like extrusion and defy decoration and descend directly from the paternal line.  She is now old enough to wonder why her friends don’t have devilish little toe nails like hers, which made me a bit sad as I don’t have all the answers.  BTW is it toe-nails or toe nails or even toenails and eye-lids or eye lids or eyelids?

I’d better go and wash off the glitter that has got in my eyes. 

Our gourmand stuffed in basket

Our gourmand stuffed in basket

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  1. I read that as ‘enamel bowels’, and had to read, and re-read it, many times before I realised it was bowls. I got myself in a right pickle thinking about you passing your enamel bowels in Poundland.

  2. That’s twice you’ve mentioned my bowels this week! Desist woman.

    Any free editorial advice on the toe nails, potatoes, tomatoes question?

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