James Murdoch’s MacTaggart Lecture


The full text above.

Are we witnessing a spoilt plutocrat’s heir apparent throwing his toys out of the pram, or a well-crafted diatribe against a towering state monopoly in the free market of digital media?

He annoyed me for sure, but some of what he says makes sense, but in the final analysis (mine) I don’t buy it.  Sky charge through the nose for tv content which we think we can’t live without and because the online news media have not had the wit to correctly value their journalistic content to date, Murdoch now seems to bemoaning the organisation that had the nous to build their online presence without reliance on advertising revenue or subscriptions.  Yeah I know we fund them, but I think they are WAY better value than Sky.

He also chucks in the BBC Radio 2 red herring.  That’s nowt to do with tv anyway and his Jonathan Woss wefewences are now incorrect in terms of the latest listening figures, with old stagers like Ken Bruce pulling in the punters!

What in hell did Sky expect the BBC to do.  Twiddle their tax-payer paid for thumbs?

Verdict: A sore Aussie, turned Yank, blaming Auntie for his own travails.  Tough cheddar matey.

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  1. I may have had a droplet too much last night when composing the above. Mainly, I agree with my own sentiments 😉

    Anyone agree with yer man?

  2. I found one and we had a good old heated debate!

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