Am I dawdling?

The kids told me to speed up a bit today on the walk home from school. A bit harsh I thought as it was about 80 degrees. I had also spent an hour and a half cycling and running this morning but on reflection I think I do walk slowly. I used to walk with them as toddlers at their pace, accompanied by a dog with a bit of a heart problem. All good reasons to take my time. Now I keep pace with the lurcher on a lead. That’s a pretty indolent pace too, on pavements at any rate.

Maybe being a parent makes you walk slowly for a bit; I know it makes you point out sheep in fields and shout things like “Don’t run!”. It certainly makes you notice things more, differently, with greater consideration. Life’s too fast isn’t it? There’s a slow food movement – I’m all for that – maybe I’ll start a slow move movement…

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  1. Trezza could join you in a dawdling gang.

    Why won’t people keep up? ;–)

  2. My new reading list for autumn:

    In Praise of Slow – Carl Honore
    The Idler
    The Idle Parent


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