The pennies are slower to drop these days…

I guess that is a feature of getting older. Absorbing or processing new information becomes harder. In my case that’s not helped by being slightly deaf as a winning post, especially in my right ear. It leads to my hearing some interesting things that I then have to decipher and that can take some time. I never feel more old than when the youthful cashier in a shop realises he or she is going to have to mumble what they said into their chest once again for the old bat’s benefit (it’s my baffled blank look wot gives it away innit?).

Today I was listening to one of my favourite albums – Maxwell’s “Unplugged”. He was busy warbling away on my least favourite “Gotta Get: Closer” when I heard the following:-

“I want to love you like an enema. I want to love you from the inside.”

Hmmm interesting. On review I think he wants to love us like an “animal”, only marginally better than what I misheard.

Anyway, a better song, written by Kate Bush, is “A Woman’s Work” and despite not being a woman and being dressed in some questionable clobber Maxwell sings this exquisitely.  This recording is what appears on the “Unplugged” album.  He has been away for absolute eons but I just found out he plays three dates in the UK at the end of October.

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