Water discovered on the Moon

Sometimes when I am too tired to read and too wired to sleep I listen to Radio 4 @ bedtime.  I know I am getting older because I used to catch the last shipping forecast of the day in my twenties.  Now I am lucky if I make to the Book at Bedtime at 10.45 p.m.  Is it me or does Bill Nighy read them all?

Anyway last night I have a dreamy remembrance of the report about water being discovered on the Moon.  There are a few snags with the discovery as Professor Jack Mustard told us (I don’t think I imagined his name, I have possibly invented his title).  Snag 1: the water is in a solid state in the Moon’s matter and would need extracting – they may have explained how but I can’t remember.  Snag 2: there is far too little of it in the matter for extraction to sustain some thirsty spacemen after a day’s hard yakka on the Moon.

He went on to explain that none of this mattered because the plan now would be to try and find more concentrated pockets of the stuff on or in the Moon.  This might take 20 years “under the current funding arrangements”.

In a way I think, why waste our money?  On the other hand, that is what humans are all about, isn’t it?  Wondering stuff.  Trying to find out the answers to questions.  That’s why I am able to sit here typing into cyberspace! 

If I had my way, I’d call in all those bank loans and finish off that zombie stock that people are STILL trading on, and send it to the space programme.  Maybe then my children’s children could enjoy a swim in a pool on the Moon for their summer holidays.

The Sea of Tranquility, water water everywhere etc.

The Sea of Tranquility, water water everywhere etc.

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