We have a new addition to the family…

…Charlotte, my youngest’s Invisible Friend (or as they are called in the business, IC). She arrived yesterday with no fanfare or suitcases. In fact she must have come down the chimney as she appeared silently in the middle of the front room in the late afternoon to play a game with the youngest.

She was still with us this morning, having shared the bed and has just trotted off to school to play with my daughter. Apparently she is entirely alone and is a white girl with long straight hair and blue eyes. My daughter, in her own words, is a golden-skinned child with brown eyes and very beautiful curly hair. Strange that! I needed a bit of reassurance that my own child is not suffering some psychological crisis of her own and the following article has provided some balanced, and reassuring, insight on that front.

I don’t know what Charlotte’s plans are but it will be interesting to find out.

No pictures, obviously. I think I’d better go and write my invisible blog now.


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  1. Cute story! 🙂 Kids are amazing aren’t they?

  2. They are! Charlotte came home from school, didn’t eat any tea and we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe she’ll fade away from hunger…

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