Is it possible…

… to dislike a day before you’ve pulled your chair up to the table for breakfast?

I say perfectly possible if you have two kids who fetch up shouting at you (a not necessarily pleasant change from bawling at each other) before the 8 a.m. start at school. There are many advantages to this early start, but it can be desperate for the parent tasked with getting them out the door on time.

The Today programme let me down big style too. I listen to them between 7 – 7.40, mainly for 5 seconds of racing tips, so when the 5 seconds @ 7.30 consisted of a repetition of yesterday’s losing tips I could have laid on the lino (my kitchen is a unreconstructed devotion to Schreiber in the 70s) and wailed like the kids. That error has messed up the whole routine! I have been forced to return to the kitchen @ 8.30 to hear if Arno realised his mistake. He did, and quipped that even when they are predicting yesterday’s racing they can’t give us winners. I did not find that amusing. I don’t like the actual tips for today either:

we have Criquette Head-Marek’s Special Duty, but in that race I prefer Brian Meehan’s Lady of the Desert and the other was Showcasing, but I prefer Godolphin’s Poet’s Voice. I also am very keen on Rio de la Plata this afternoon in a race where Confront is going to go off hot favourite.

Somedays you just have to feck a bet together and get on with your life (hoping things improve…) because straining the brain over some things just isn’t worth it.

Newmarket Lucky 15
3.40 Esaar
2.30 Lady of the Desert
1.55 Rio de la Plata
3.05 Poet’s Voice

P.S. Listening to the Today programme for more than 30 minutes or so has been a profoundly depressing start to the day:- drought in East Africa forcing owners to carry their too weak to walk goats to slaughter, thousands dead in the earthquake, a man killed by a German GP prescribing 10x the dose of a painkiller, a wicked paedophile woman refusing to give the names of her victims (all under 3). šŸ˜¦

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  1. Stephen Foster

    Okay, now you’ve got that out of your system, let’s have today’s Nap :–)

  2. Keeping it real eh Foster šŸ˜‰

    Yesterday, as one may deduce was a nightmare of seconds and so on, culminating in Drill Sergeant being done in a photo after a bet of desperate proportions. I was then saved further losses by being stuck in traffic in and around London all evening.

    I hate racing actually! I have a nice shiny Press badge to take to the Rowley Mile this afternoon but I don’t think I will. Big handicaps are not my thing. I would like to see Ghanaati, but it’s windy and cold…

    Actually my bet today is a free bet on a Man Utd 2-1 scoreline against the Black Cats @ 8/1.

  3. I think the above should be a pingback, I don’t know what one is exactly but it sounds good and I’d like a few more please šŸ™‚

  4. And an NB whilst I am here:

    Rio de le Plata ran too keen and Frankie, necessarily taking him back for cover actually lost more ground than was desirable. RdlP not being StS evidently lost the will to live and could not beat Confront. He is a better horse than that and on good ground we will see it. I hope he is in the Classic @ Santa Anita.

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