More Sea The Stars

I read he is a bit tired after yesterday’s exertions.  Me too, lack of movement today has given me some nasty lactic acid in my thighs but I don’t care if I am walking like a woman with no knees.  I have seen an incredible thing.  Six incredible things.  I don’t know what amazes me most – the race records or the manner of the victories, Kinane’s coolness under pressure or John Oxx’s great measuredness, the horse’s exceptional talent or the notion that he knows nothing of the fuss he has created.

I started the year thinking it would be rare indeed to see a Guineas/Derby double and now look where we are.  My anxiety last week when it became evident he would run surprised me.  I am beginning to think it is going to take a while to sink in.  It is going to take a few Guineas, Derbys and Arcs where we unfavourably compare the new heroes of the day to Sea The Stars.  I don’t expect we will see his like again.

I am torn.  I don’t want him to leave the stage, but I don’t want his perfect record besmirched.  I genuinely don’t want him to travel to California, but if he did I would almost buy a ticket to be there.  I can see he has nothing left to prove but I wonder if he could win two Arcs!  In the jumping game you have (if you are lucky) your stars around for a few years.  In the flat business, blink and you miss them, such is the desirability of their genes.  Next year I will be looking for a new star, but will I ever enjoy it as much as this year.  I don’t know, but I hope so.  Flat racing is so very transient.  Each season I watch makes me aware of time passing and this campaign has done that in the most raw and elemental way. 

In the meantime, I am determined to enjoy every moment left of his public life, so see some lovely pictures of him returning as Arc hero and looking as laid back as ever he did here:,17732,13262_5609618,00.html

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  1. Moving and elegiac. Send it to the Racing Post.


  2. You are right, mother; she should have a regular ‘Fan’s Eye’ column in the Post. There is nothing like that in that publication (except from her beloved Alaistar Down’s contributions 😉 – the more dewy-eyed and human end of the punters would love it.

  3. Oops, or, rather, ‘…except for.’

    (I’m in for it now, I know what it’s like round here. Of course, normally I have people to do this sort of thing for me…)

  4. Thank you both 🙂

    I will force it on Bruce Millington when I am feeling brave and able to take rejection. I do think if they are to appeal to more than the stat-based, hard-nosed punter they could do with a bit more female input.

    They have a couple of women who sometimes do the live text commentaries from the course. One treated us to “the paddock is beautiful and white in the frost” from an evening meeting at Wolvo last winter :-0

    The problem with Alistair Down is he has too much space to fill and he is thereby forced to use adjectives most liberally and with louche abandon until his supply is exhausted and then, not to be defeated, he invents his own.

  5. ‘The problem with Alistair Down is he has too much space to fill and he is thereby forced to use adjectives most liberally and with louche abandon until his supply is exhausted and then, not to be defeated, he invents his own.’

    ‘He strode with a great langourous libidinity round the paddock like some Collosus of the Gods and as though he hadn’t a care in the world for the other-worldly accomplishments he had just bestowed upon a wilting crowd of over-awed onlookers who would never live to forget the day, and who would, in the misty future of the twilight of their dotages, come to look back, and through the dim fog of Alzheimers, be able to say, ‘I was there.’

    Is that the sort of thing you mean?

  6. You’ve only gone and outdowned Down!

    Let’s have no more of this insightful, yet spare prose you go in for. The next book should be wall-to-wall overblown, descriptive text 😉

    Do you think I have blown my new job yet?

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