Do you need wellies on the Moon?

Hard on the heels of the news that the moon’s surface contains miniscule amounts of water, is the revelation that today two spacecraft will be crashing into one of the moon’s craters – one that never gets any sunlight somewhere near its South Pole.  Already there are some spooky parallels with a corner in my garden – a site where the sun never shines and man rarely ventures except to chuck detritrus.

The purpose of the crash impact is to see if there is a big fat moon puddle at the bottom of the crater. After one craft has “splashed” down, another craft will be collecting the dust and matter thrown up into a 6 mile high cloud for analysis. Then in a move that I can’t quite grasp, the second craft will also crash making a second, smaller cloud of stuff and nonsense.

Of course the establishment of whether there is indeed water on the moon is very interesting. Visit the NASA website after 12.30 this afternoon for more news or you may be able to watch live on the following link. I have checked it out just now and they were chatting to some guys in brown chinos and navy polo shirts. There was a bit of drifting around the screen, so I surmise that they were in space somewhere, whilst dressed for the Mall.

NASA TV Public Channel

I happen to think crashing into another planet, not once but twice, is a bit bloody rude though. I just hope the Clangers and the Soup Dragon have got out of the way first.

Duck chaps!

Duck chaps!

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  1. Forget miniscule amounts, the results of the crash test dummies are in; they have been counted and verified and the conclusion is – there’s gallons of the stuff.

    Bucket-loads in fact.

    Wellies woudl seem to be de rigeur…

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