Search Terms – “dinners made of blue-tongued dog”

I know why this term threw up my blog, the most popular post week-in-month-out is one I did about dogs, including the blue-tongued Chow Chow.

Based on this observation I would say that the world’s most popular dog surely MUST be the Chow Chow, on or off the plate.

A popular programme around here is “Come Dine With Me”. I should like to put a menu together for the contestants to read what’s on it to camera.

“Hmmm, blue-tongued dog pate on brioche with fresh figs – this could be a winning menu…”

Of course, I am joking. It has been illegal to eat the Chow Chow (even in China) since the last century. And a good thing too, if you’re asking.

I couldnt eat a whole one

I couldn't eat a whole one

NB. No dogs were harmed in the writing of this post

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