Eeyore’s Birthday

May or may not be today, which would make him a Scorpio, like me – moody and introspective! Which is why I have retreated to Hundred Acre Wood for a quiet lie down whilst I turn 40 today. So you see, thanks to the wonders of modern online publishing and just to annoy James Murdoch, I am not actually online now -this is one I prepared earlier! In terms of birthday celebrations I was thinking along the lines of a burst balloon and empty jam jar, therein no disappointments, tears or tantrums…

Then when researching the image I wanted for today I came across Eeyore’s Birthday Party Yank-style, an annual festival fundraiser in Austin, Texas. Many of the images were a bit bare and body painted – nice. So I have a changed my plan a bit. Still the Hundred Acre Wood with the family, ditch the balloon, but as today is expected to be extraordinarily warm…

Photos to follow! In the meantime

My woodland retreat

My woodland retreat

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  1. Happy 40th birthday, Eeyore.

  2. I feel incredibly Eeyore-ish about having a 40 year old daughter. Soooooooo oooooold. About as much fun as thistles.

    Please stop there.

  3. Wait ’til she’s 50.

    Happy birthday beleated, Eeyore.

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