Hang out the bunting


A bit of autumnal decoration

Some of you may remember me fulminating a bit about bunting in the summer. I was never sure about it before, but now so long as it is not on your tent, I don’t mind.

I thought the blog could do with a bit of cheering up and this bunting is the handiwork of my girls, so I thought I’d show it off a bit. Well, not all their own work. There’s loads that loads of other people made earlier – all over Southend this summer as part of an attempt to make the world’s longest bunting, co-ordinated by a groovy arts organisation (WE HAVE HERE IN SOUTHEND!!!) called Metal.


They have it strung up on the avenue leading to their base in Chalkwell Park and pretty impressive it is too.  I thought I’d take some photos yesterday and I did.  The dog thought whilst I was doing that he would steal a child’s ball and run round at a million miles an hour with it. So he did.  It used to be that replacing a ball would be a matter of a £1 or two.  Not now, not in parks festooned with record-breaking bunting.  Not when the ball with canine teeth marks in is a Chelsea Adidas branded all over ball from Waitrose.  No, those balls cost £12 to replace.   On second thoughts, maybe bunting’s not all that.


Don't know which ones are the girls though...

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