Where we walk


The universal sense of purpose of a dog (and the kids)

This is more or less where we start, but not before Rudi has had a think about chasing a pony on the bridlepath. We then head down the hill to the boundary by a stream.

He keeps curling his tail over like a pig’s – I am not sure I like the look…

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  1. Is Rudi very tall or are the children quite young & short or is all a matter a perspective? Good picture; nice tree.

    • Yes there is a bit of that flattening that goes on when you watch the footie on tv, but no the kids are not terribly big (yet).

      I am unashamedly nicking your photo reportage stylee this week in an attempt to put some word count to more long-term use. It’s going to be tough because discipline and me are not really on nodding terms!

  2. A serious proposal has come up to pitch this book as per my Jeff & Milla post of last week. Would you be interested in being a sample case study?

    Am looking for a portrait of owner and Rudy + a couple of paragraphs about how he came to be with you, what he means to you & yours, & what he’s like with his foibles & et.

    Email me direct if you fancy it. You’d be in the proper book if it comes off… (Plan being a pro photographer comes round & does all the portraits, and that I either interview and write up or edit submitted texts to give it house style … I’d send them back for copy approval though.)

  3. Dear Mr Foster

    You do realise that your comments on my sister’s blog can be read by her entire family (as well as that species known as ‘the general public’), and that most of have surrendered the duvet to various canine menageries for generations? You are going to be overrun with couples of paragraphs…

    Kindest regards
    The diva’s little sister.

  4. Dear Little Sister

    I think he does šŸ˜‰

    Are you after a gig for the labs?

    Or have you got your publishing hat on? x

  5. Being overun with couples of paragraphs will be ace but I will exercise ruthless editorial control ie, No Belgian Shepherds in memory of Ollie but Anything else goes : )

    • Dear Mr Foster

      The Mother has a long line of headbangers aka rescue dogs (40+ years worth) to choose from. The current incumbent, Ezekiel (named after curmudgeonly Old Testament prophet and shortened to Zeek when not completely out of favour) is highly photogenic! You need not go outside the family for your case studies!


      The Mother

  6. I’m starting to think family group shot here. What sort of a creature is that very good boy, Zeek?

    • He is of the tan persuasion, exudes canine gravitas and very handsome, with white ruff,chest,socks and tip of tail. A good measure of collie (complete with the typical collie slitty-eyed sideways regard essential when assessing people and situations), a touch of greyhound, a pinch of GSD and quite a significant dash of what looks like foxhound, unlikely though that seems. His looks flatter to deceive as he is still a reprobate, with a thin veneer of gentleman covering the street recidivist who spent over 2 years in an animal shelter, deemed beyond rehabilitation.

  7. Whatever you do, Mr Foster, don’t look him in the eye. My Labrador with a lisp is a much safer bet.

  8. I do hope this book comes off so that we can have the family set, and perhaps include this thread too. I would take Mother’s text as it stands. How does a lisping Lab bark, btw? Woofsh woofsh?

    Plus which, I trust you have all seen Elodie’s ‘effort’ with the Box Brownie…

  9. Thimilar to that. More of a ‘wooth, wooth’. He’s the joke of the kennel. But he doesn’t care – he moonlights as a peeping Tom wannabe, and thinks it’s much more authentic to have a speech impediment. I think he got the other Lab to slam the door when he’d tied a bit of string to the tooth. Thuch ith the plight of thith rethcue dog in purthuit of hith ambithon.

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