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Steve Dennis, the Senior Features writer at the one true newspaper, has started turning his blog over to readers once a month. Last month my Breeders’ Cup post hit the bar, but this weekend (to my surprise and delight) it went straight into the roof of the net! It can be read here:-

Obviously I must thank my mother at this point 😉

Seriously though, I do thank her and my sister Emily, my Dad who has been known to read extracts out to my Granny, and also to Stephen Foster and lately Jan, all of whom have given me encouragement to persist with the writing habit. 

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  1. Jolly well done!!!! Richly deserved in my view. What a talent! Keep going! woop woop! x

  2. Thanks Sophie 🙂 I’ll send over the pom-poms later!

    Now what I really need is a regular gig 😕

  3. Kudos to you. I can’t comment on the RP site, however, as I would berate the patronising idiot known as ‘thegump’, and thus remove any chance of you ever hitting the back of the net again, I fear. But yeah, way to go shitster.

  4. Cheers Buzz 🙂

    I have responded in mild-mannered fashion to thejump…

    Maybe being a sportsbettting forum moderator has given me a nice thick skin. Just as well.

  5. Hey Lightyear! If thegump got your goat, try out cecilcat…

    Don’t worry I am 🙂

    At least it’s a reaction…

  6. Good lord. How condescending. Perhaps you’ve touched a nerve?

    • Ha- did you see the post from “him” before it was removed; he said I was out of my depth.

      I suspect that it is the all too common phenomenon of women being a) ignored or b) ridiculed by male punters who, armed with their speed ratings, personal handicapping systems and statistics, feel that they have the inside track on the whole shebang.

      It doesn’t bother me because I can hold my own; but there are plenty who would rather I was not in the bookies, not at the track, not in the football crowd but crucially minus any kind of opinion!

      Even him indoors is not immune to the lure of this pheno!

  7. C’mon Diva, we all know girls only pick horses based on a lovely name or a lucky number … : )

    [ps. Pro work, you ought to pick up more from that piece. Hurrah \o/]

  8. Cheers, but you forgot because they are grey…

  9. …or, in my case, because they smell good in the parade ring and I like the jockey’s pretty colours.

    Well done, no thanks to me – all I did was give birth….I hope it leads to the more your writing deserves.

  10. I read your piece and really enjoyed it Diva. 🙂 I think your writing is brilliant. xx

  11. I’m only surprised no one has mentioned two lucky magpies.

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