Rudi’s Routine

Is a bit out of whack, what with the snow and the school holidays. Galloping him on the ice-fields is a bit out, but he doesn’t seem to mind curtailed walks due to the Arctic temperatures.

Probably more irksome is the disruption to his morning nap. When the kids go to school (after he has had his morning porridge and kippers) he likes to pop back up to my bed and my pillow and have a lengthy sleep. Yesterday I disturbed him and he gave me this look.

Of course the sensible thing to do would be to close the door leaving him a choice of three other beds, his own bed or two sofas, but our doors are a bit hit and miss in the “staying closed or being opened again” department so I let him get on with his life of luxury largely undisturbed.

There is a good explanation for the dodgy doors but that’s another story titled “The pros and cons of reclaiming panel doors from skips”.

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  1. That’s not actually my pillow, it’s the drinking tea in bed cushion for the weekends. The actual pillow is UNDER him.

  2. Tramp also favours the morning post-breakfast snooze until about 11, and he hates to be disturbed. So grumpy is he at being disturbed, that he goes to a room as far away from everyone else as possible, and if you enter the room he growls at you, before slinking off in his shiny coat to the peace at the other end of the house. I put the nice sparkly white Egyptian cotton bedding on this morning and, when I returned from my shower, found that the Tramp had dug up the four corners into a nice mound in the middle, and was majestically curled up atop it, looking very smug and threatening me with the knuckle duster lest I go near him and disturb his well-crafted slumber. It’s their prerogative.

  3. Ooh Emily, you and me are so sanguine about such things – can we really be related to the rest of our family 😉

  4. ‘but he doesn’t seem to mind curtailed walks due to the Arctic temperatures.’

    I couldn’t even get Dylan out just now. I went on my own.

  5. Well after I wrote that we braved the ice and snow again (although to be fair I pile him into the car and drive the long way round on the main roads) where we happened upon three labradors.

    One black, one brown and one golden and that last one was the fattest dog I have ever seen in my life. It was like a walrus. The poor thing couldn’t even bend its legs. The owners couldn’t bend their legs either and were pretty old so I don’t condemn out of hand, but it is a terrible sight – three enormously fat labradors.

    They were probably fatter than one C. Saatchi.

  6. : )

    Fat Lab owners account for most of Walking Ollie’s hate mail. Do our faces look bothered?

  7. You should be relieved that mine are in fine shape, otherwise I might bombard your mail bag as well, Mr Foster.

  8. I’m working on the premise that nobody with a dog called Tramp dug in on their bed is likely to harass me.

    It’s the ‘Pomegranite’ lab owners that go in for the letter writing…

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