Just in case

one was wondering (I know you weren’t Emily), I will mention that racing stuff tomorrow. Today’s racing is too muddy and strength-sapping to discuss and Saturday’s too sublime to summarise in a sentence.

In the meantime I have another snap from yesterday’s expedition, the line-up being as follows:

Billy (deaf and out of shot doing his own thing) – for the record a cross between a brown dog and a Lassie (Stamford Hill circa 1995). Variously described as chestnut or ginger and on one outrageous occasion “orange”.

Henry (Billy’s first friend after Senna) a brown labrador.

Max (Billy’s second friend etc.) a black labrador.

Raffi (Billy’s one year old brother) a black poodle, who has read somewhere that the poodle is a very intelligent breed of dog and is minded to demonstrate this factoid as often as possible.

Rudi (who needs no intro) a fawn lurcher from Navan who needs to go to Your Vet today for his booster vaccinations but who remains blissfully unaware of this necessity…

Only they know what it was...

Raffi - far more intelligent than his namesake

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