Is this a Banksy?

Today I will be eating a goose lunch in Suffolk. This time last week, in the absence of a turkey lunch to cook, I was wandering the streets of London with Rudi. We started our wanderings in Barnes and then had more of them in Hackney. No prizes for guessing where I took this. By the time we had removed to Snaresbrook and then home to Southend he was starting to develop an aversion to walks.

Today we will be going to Suffolk via Hackney. Perhaps I should invest in some maps and charts.

Anyway I just wondered about this – I think it’s rather good.

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  1. I like it, but I wouldn’t say it was a Banksy. Is the thing he’s painting rude?


    I just found this. It seems that you are both wrong and right. I had assumed that the phallic thing had been added but it fact it is the reverse. I was more taken with the ball and chain.

    P.S. All I could of think of yesterday in a fragile state was that bloody pig diagram! I did manage to force down the requisite sarnie though…

  3. Stephen Foster

    Ah ha. No surprise there: Hackney are the council that knocked down ‘House’ by Rachel Whiteread, only probably the best piece of public art made in the last 20 years. They’d have had thousands of tourists a day if they’d kept it. I liked the ball and chain too.

    Sorry about the pig, I wasn’t sure whether it was jolly or pitiful, but that IS where bacon comes from ; )

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