My First Pin-up

Was not Elvis, but we  watched some of his black leather period last night with the 7 yo. She was primarily concerned with his sweatiness. I wondered how the hell they got away with such dodgy musical arrangements and if the King was trialling a prototype for St Tropez.  Mick had left the building.

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  1. loving the Elvis

  2. I love Elvis I do. Sad but true.

    Not like some of those people LOVE him though. You won’t catch me at Graceland.

  3. Stephen Foster

    I used to love that BB title sequence; what a show.

    More topically: we drew Arsenal at home in the FA Cup 4th round. Be afraid.

  4. We’re quaking!

    How will le football flow down such a narrow bowling alley as the Brit…

  5. I love horses so much I’ve even got a picture of one… I stare at it every night before I go to sleep… I love horses I do. (jessica 5/6ish)

  6. I hate this glitch that attributes comments to me that are not mine!

    Own up – 8.06 pm person – suspect mother or Anna!

    • oh it’s me – i just saw it. I think the computer was still logged in as you from christmas eve….! However, the original comment was, of course, entirely your own

  7. Well it’s a comment we are glad to have 🙂

    The picture in question was indeed the Black Beauty. Although whether ATV permitted the real star to be dragged down to some dyke in the Fens for a PA is another question.

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