Lost Gloves

This blog invites people to take photos of single, lost gloves and email them in. If only I had known about it last week I would have sent in a photo of an attractive striped child’s glove on a wall over the road from me. It was especially notable for it’s pristine cream condition, surrounded as it was by grey slush.

It seems to me that a pair of gloves is commonplace and of little interest, but a sole one, left or dropped, becomes much more than that. In the moment of loss or separation it gains a whole unknown narrative and some of us stop and wonder about that.

Whilst Eugenie on School for Saatchi drove me crazy, I love this. I do however suspect her influence in the rubber glove installation…

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  1. that’s a great thought dear

  2. I do feel for the single, lonely lost glove deprived as it is of all its raison d’etre but I worry even more for the lost single earring. It languishes, unseen and uncared for, in some dusty corner of a changing room in a department store whilst its mate lives on alone, in a state of eternal but futile hope, in the jewellery box.

  3. I can’t believe my comment is awaiting moderation! And that you never answer your phone!

    I was ringing to tell you that the C2C route is announced at the launch party on Feb 28th, so watch this space for details of the next cycling challenge…

  4. Are you going to blog the C2C route then?

    I don’t think the earring takes such a dramatic photo though? Gloves are evocative because they look like hands and convey an emptiness.

    I am worried about myself now.

  5. You are being poetic, you must push on and explore this melancholic, plaintive streak.

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