A “Brazenly Elitist” Blog Post

I know I said I would stop bitching, but I changed my mind.

Every time David Cameron has opened his trap this week he has come out sounding like the horrible Tory we hoped he might not be. Yesterday he was banging on about marriage in relation to “broken Britain”, which is the most simplistic view of raising balanced children I can think of.

Earlier this week he declared that 16 year olds that had elected not to shine in Maths and English could not become teachers, and a worse than Second in their degree would also consign them to the teaching scrapheap.

I have blagged my way through life with a handful of O’ levels and now find myself teaching adults, some of whom are blessed with the gift of the blag and many who are not. Does having a First mean you will be able to teach the 30th child in your class who sits silently, believes they can’t do anything right and will hold that belief so close to their heart that it might as well be stamped through them like a stick of rock for life? Does having a First mean that when they still believe they can’t spell or do much at all as adults, yet remember your name and face like it was yesterday that you will have any memory of them at all? Probably not.

Some of the brightest stars are the most blinding David, and a piece of paper does not an enduring union make.

I am practically in love with Ed Balls now and that is a terrible thing to type and I am pretty certain who broke Britain too (and it wasn’t Winston Churchill).

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  1. I came over here to find out who would win the Victor Chandler Chase, I wasn’t really expecting this.

    I’m offering an e/w saver on Oh Crick for what it’s worth – I saw the animal win the Johnny Henderson Grand Annual in good style last March while an Irish woman bellowed “C’mon Oh Crick!!” into my ear all the way up the run in. I had of course backed something else.

  2. Oops – I hate to disappoint my reader!

    Surely only a madman would get stuck in to anything today – I learned my lesson last weekend and a string of all-weather places yesterday have not increased my confidence. My punting head is down for sure…

    For what it’s worth I still like Twist Magic. However my each-way punt will be in the Mares Hurdle, taking on Whiteoak with Sweetheart.

    Good luck with Oh Crick. You don’t like bellowing I gather? Best give me a wide berth then 😉

  3. Bellowing is fine but it hurts when you are watching your money disappear for the unpteenth time and are gambling with the fluff in your pocket.

    Well done with Sweetheart, I would have done that on my own account if I hadn’t been distracted at a key moment ; )

    Are you still planning a bellow nxt Sat?

  4. Looks like Oh Crick gave you a run for the money, a shame there weren’t 7 others for the place.

    I can confine myself to beating other bystanders with a rolled up Racing Post if required.

    I stood next to John Dunlop at the 1000 Guineas a few years ago and was quite determined not to roar at NATAGORA too much, especially when his filly’s chance had gone. I think partial success was achieved.

    I don’t think I roar out names though, that’s just showing off 😉

  5. There were 8 in when I had it at 20s e/w this morning. *Spits*

    I did put a lump on Magic though, which I just dumped on Punjabi…

  6. Well that’s all just carpet chewing stuff.

    *Pulls suitably sympathetic face*

    At least you’ve Stoke to look forward to tomorrow! That Arsenal defence is a sitting duck…

    • There you go – reversal of fortunes.

      Looks like Pulis out-professored Wenger too.

      And I’ve got a Gooner with a hangover for company…

  7. This was a nice post! I am looking for some related pictures. Anybody got some good ones?

    • Not really I’m afraid :-/

      Don’t forget to visit this Dutch site if you are in the throes of addiction (verslaving) everybody…

      • I just read that Sweetheart was yesterday’s Pricewise pick. I hate it when that happens! For the record I was entirely unaware of Tom Segal’s opinion in the race. My opinions are all my own and if I am influenced or borrowing from others I will credit them 🙂

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