Do you?

Dark side...

Here Emily, do you remember when we hustled at the Turks pool hall in Stoke Newington?

I don’t think you were there the night that the floor grew triffids and the oppo turned into Miss Piggy and then I tried to order a Chinese of dancing worms.

And Anna can you recall paddling in the pool in Clissold Park on a superwarm night when we had to heave you over the park fence? Not because you were fat! Just because you were little.

I remember it all like it was yesterday and they were the best times and I am glad I had them.

But when my girls come to me (or don’t come to me) in their badness, am I going to have a leg to stand on? Or will I just fake it. I think that’s what the parental job description requires.

Anyway, I still like to set them up and I miss us all living in London.

P.S. The skateboard killed it though 🙂

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  1. Good times. Shame we have to grow up, innit. I remember your adventures with Tigger most fondly, but I do also remember the pool hall and a mis-spent evening at Bar Lorca.

  2. I had forgotten about Tigger 🙂

    What happened in Bar Lorca? I remember one time I was in there during an armed siege, but that wasn’t with you was it?

  3. No. We were just pestered constantly while trying to dance, and had to declare ourselves lesbian lovers in order to be left alone but the Stokey letches.

  4. Have been either a) working or b) dealing with recalcitrant children the past few nights so am catching up on your posts (the youngest spent a good half hour head butting me in bed last night and giggling about it. I think she’s going to be prime minister or a captain of industry she can function on so little sleep). Any road, i remember the Clissold Park adventure very well. Happy north london days. Miss them too.

    • I had two of b) this morning. I had to invoke paternal power down the phone in the end.

      I am glad you are caught up now though as there will be a test! x

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