Back in the classroom

That’s me on Tuesday afternoons.  I don’t mind saying it’s a tough gig.  I was a difficult pupil at school and it seems not much has changed.  The only difference so far is that I am turning up.  Listening and concentrating still seem to be a problem.

I still dislike “active” learning.  Ideally, I would like it all given me in written form and be left alone to read it.  All this interaction that goes on is torture.  Plus we are trapped for 3 hours before a half hour break  (check Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – after an hour and a half my needs revolve around a cup of tea), then another 2 hours of being caged.  I might have to start taking my laptop.  Yesterday I managed it with some recourse to reading poetry hidden under the handout.  I am so “visually” attuned it is practically a learning disability.  I was the child that hated practical experiments in sciences so, that I was eventually allowed to go to the back of the class and read about it instead from a text book…

Anyway I was going to post “The Drugs Don’t Work” but this is more apt: Bittersweet Symphony “no change, I can’t change”, and I prefer the tune.

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  1. I know you were txting under the table. If I was your teacher I’d give you a detention.

  2. If I were my teacher I would let me read in peace.

  3. Any adult tutor who hasn’t read and taken account of Maslow should be shot. The first thing to consider is how your students learn – and what you as a tutor should be doing to facilitate their learning. It makes me weep!

  4. Yes but this is the University stylee and we seem to be expected to fit their rigid frameworks.

    e.g. being sent to a corridor to do active learning and being told not to talk too much because the other classes had people in them – I even earned a filthy look…

  5. Ssshhh at the back. Why can’t you draw a nice picture of a tree like all the other well behaved children?

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