Nostalgia meets Amnesia

Yesterday I felt all 1990s and posted a link to The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony, which was on constantly in late ’97 and ’98 – a period in my life I feel a bit wistful over (for no particular reason other than it being the fun you have in your twenties).

Then I went off to work which required me to go to a consultation thing for MIND (our local branch). They kicked off with speeches from the chair, Sir Teddy Taylor (resplendent in House of Commons braces – he was the baby there a long time ago you know) and an address from the MIND Director of Network Services, Lee Smith.

The whole time Mr Smith was talking, I was wondering where I knew him from. Not many clues in the name. He talked for about 10 minutes and by the end I had narrowed it down to London, more than ten years ago, probably working in a mental health setting in the voluntary sector. But I was still a bit baffled. Knowing it would probably drive me nuts I decided to nobble him as he left the stage and ask the random and potentially humiliating question – do I know you?

I have form for this kind of thing and it is embarrassing. So this time I ran through a checklist first based on the following experiences. Once I asked a man at the OXO Tower (who was evidently out with a beautiful girl he wanted to impress) if I had done a course with him at the City Lit. He had not. In fact he was an actor. From the television. So I did a check – did I see Lee Smith on the television ever and had never actually met him in real life? Maybe talking about the Mental Health Act or something. On balance I thought not.

Then I did the – have I confused him with someone else entirely check. I did this recently. I had a conversation with a woman in the supermarket called Vicky who was with her daughter Isabel. When she mentioned her young baby I declared shock and surprise as I hadn’t known she was pregnant when I thought I had last seen her. Eventually, my clanger became clear. She wasn’t the Vicky I thought she was, she was another one, with a daughter called Isabel. And then in my complete confusion I had to ask if I even knew her at all. Thankfully I did, we had been on the same course (for 6 months!) a couple of years ago. So she knew me. She must now know I am very absent-minded too.

Lee Smith seemed to pass that check, so I just asked if I knew him (which is a stupid question as it should be – do you know me? – but that is a tad egocentric) and mooted working in Brent as an opening gambit. Thankfully, he was not an actor or a doppelganger and he did recognise me and filled in my missing gaps. Working for MIND is obviously good for you. We were colleagues at St Mungo’s (in London but nowhere near Brent) in the mid to late 90s, working at different projects but with our paths crossing from time to time. I still can’t exactly remember the paths or the crossing details but you can’t indefinitely quiz a director of a national charity, at a formal do, for the missing bits of your memory jigsaw. Actually, I seem to have lost the lid too, so if anyone has that it would be helpful to have it back…

We had a nice chat. It was nice to see him. But it was disconcerting to have a malfunctioning memory. It felt like being in a car when the battery is turning over, just. I think I am going to stop harking back for a while and live in the moment as the short term memory seems ok for now.

Now, my mother doesn’t like this sort of talk so don’t read it mum / don’t tell her if you read it yourself: I txted the other half and asked him to smother me with a pillow if I ever really lose my mind.

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  1. The OH made me laugh when we spoke this morning (on the phone). He said that it was a bit of a grey area already and could I demarcate the tipping point more clearly…

    My colleague suggests a thyroid test, so we can hold the feathers for now 🙂

  2. Just put me in a home, lock the door, lose the key and get on with your own life. Really.

  3. Emily! I can’t believe wot u wrote – are you mad too? Perhaps we can get a discount on a treble bunk bed room and AMB can bring the dogs round once in a while for us to drool on them and steal their biscuits.

    I am looking forward to it already 🙂

  4. I was about to remind you of the “don’t I know you from somewhere” Oxo tower interrogation but you ‘fessed up yourself. That was a classic moment.

    Bitter Sweet Symphony for me too evokes lots of happy mountpleasant lane memories (and Jelly and Pushkin for their glory days, Pushkin’s on top of the fridge/in a cupboard/missing in action for 6 weeks).

    As for comments ref: homes/smothering/crosses/violins – no comment.

  5. There was a reason they called it mountpleasant (albeit off the murdermile) x

    Re your ref: probably best.

    I am off to listen to Melvyn deal with some academics in his usual brusque manner. Fingers crossed I stay awake and have full recall in the marning.

  6. I am forever teasing our mother about these accessories, so she will probably only roll her eyes and scoff at my cheek. All that education and still no respect. Tut.

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