Ranter or Sulker?

Ranters have the upper hand I am afraid. In the 17th century they had their own religion involving maverick self-proclaimed prophets and messiahs. Ranters were also prone to immoral living, drunkeness and blasphemy. Today, they mainly settle for being more healthy than your average sulker.

A sulker surrounded by ranters?

Apparently you are either one, or the other.

I am definitely the former and I live with the latter.
I have low blood pressure, my compadre’s is higher – despite being very fit.
I rest my case.

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  1. Oooh yes, ranter checking in. But don’t you think that ranters have to co-habit with their counterparts and vice versa? Two ranters is noisy and infuriating, because neither feel like they have the centre stage and it is a constant unsatisfying battle to get your spiel out (trust me, I’ve tried it), while two sulkers would never break the deadlock and forever more live in silence.

  2. I asked H what I was. “You. Ranter. Yes you’re, a ranter.” And then he sulked.

  3. I told A-M that she was a sulker (best not to let them have their own mind, eh?). She’s not talking to me now.

  4. I think there may be plenty in that sulkers suit ranters theory Miss E.

    2 ranters can necessitate police intervention.

    And I know of (how I love starting a sentence with And) two definite sulkers who were married and did not converse for over a year.

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