The case for double-glazing


As the youngest is not au fait with the mark of exclamations yet, and the dog and cat are lacking the necessary opposable thumbs, by an exacting process of elimination – I blamed the eldest.

She, naturally, adopted the default position of not guilty until confronted with the evidence-based case against her and caved in as quick as you like.

Have a word Emily, she looks like she shares her mother’s weakness for exuberant punctuation!

2.40 Sout Just Mandy
4.50 Font Poppy Come Running
4.30 Muss Robbie
4.50 Leop Sunset City

edited to add: I am going to see a film about Irish NH racehorses today at the ICA and a friend has just told me it is following Paul Nolan’s yard and specifically Joncol. Joncol runs today in the Irish Hennessy and has never been beaten on going described as heavy. That’s good enough for me and I’ll chance my arm on the coincidence.

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  1. But it’s you who’s exclamised ‘Charming!’ so perhaps the genealogical link is more direct.

    That is a most exuberant appropriation of condensation, though; if I found it in my house I would call it art.

  2. T’was the ! of a WUM

    Glad it was not you or your crew knocked on the head with a bin.

  3. Woman Under Murderouspressure?

    V sad – there is talk that the death was a ‘prank’ that went wrong: one bloke chucked a bin and his mate headed it. It was all in the away end anyway and for once no Stokies in police custody.

  4. Wind Up Merchant!

  5. : ) !

    And Joncol delivered too – the tipping line is alight!

  6. So many solid horses it is near impossible to equate. Only one matter is for sure, the mighty Arkle would have to remain head and shoulders above any Gold Cup rival.

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