The Twiglet Post

Had to be done I’m afraid.

Twiglet facts:
79% wholegrain – yes not 80% or a lowly 75% – it’s important
High fibre and baked, not fried
No artificial colours or flavours


Llanes facts:
Asturias, Spain
Population 4000
Local drink – sidra

Twiglets with sidra in Llanes = Perfect

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  1. Twiglets are so 70s. Can u still buy them?

  2. Feeling guilty having just shovelled down a way more calorific load of marmite cashews – the nut sister to the twiglet, n’est-ce pas? I especially enjoy the marmitey/MSGy (?) dust at the bottom of the packet. It’s a very stressful week at work – but must remember to add twiglets to shopping list.

    p.s. not related at all but I am really hacked orrff with the umpteen patrician COI ads telling us what to do/not to do and how to live our lives. And they are ALL negative. I want to mount a positive campaign for positive living to get back the love!!

    • Yes I agree. I hate the advert (radio and tv) telling us we die when our internal organs hit our rib cage when we crash the car. I turn it down – is it telling us to wear seat-belts, not crash cars, or walk…

      Buy Twiglets for the weekend – they will help. I am not sure about marmite nuts. Convince me 🙂

  3. Marmite cashews?!*

    Tell me you are pulling my leg.


  4. I love a Twiglet, I do. I have never heard of Marmite cashews, however. I was ordered by AMB to buy ‘some of them Marmite rice cakes’ this week though. Now they’re tasty, especially with a bit of red pepper houmous or cottage cheese. Munchie-tastic.

    • After much thought I’ve decided my optimum marmitey mash up would be marmite + plus squeezy tube processed cheese. Put that on your rice’s cakes, Emily

  5. The Twiglets are gone – they had better be back when I get home later…

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