Dishing the dirt – Freecycling again

A more self-aware offering than those oatmeal sandals earlier this week, but I still thought it amusing. Apologies to Canvey (or maybe not!).


Who would have thought 3 ton was quite large amount of sieved top soil? I have about a ton left sitting on the roadside(waiting for a downpour to wash it away to that hole waiting to be filled, Canvey) should anyone want it. I have purchased too much(I still toss and turn at night about the fact I bought dirt! It’s just the priciple of it that erks me, it’s dirt!)

I need it collected asap. You’ll have to either collect with a trailor, truck or rubble bags. Or you could fill your pockets, it worked in Shawshank Redemption! I will give you a hand should you want it and it doesn’t have to go all in one. I don’t mind divying(sp?) up between punters. Just like Christ with the fish and bread I guess. Will make sure I wear a white robe.


Thanks for all the interest in my interesting dirt, but it has all gone. So much for feeding the thousands! It went to a good home where it will be pampered and looked after. There was a tear in my eye as it disappeared into the distance. We had built such a strong bond.

I may be getting rid of some more for a friend who ordered 10 ton but only needed 8. Ha ha, sucker! That won’t be for a while yet so keep an eye out for when I advertise it.

Oh yes, and I’m pleased I gave a few people a chuckle. Keep smiling.

You did indeed 🙂

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