The Weekender

Sometimes, well truthfully often times, I find myself conflicted about what I am doing and what I should be doing. Am tends to be fiddling on the computer or thinking deep thoughts, should tends to look like standing in the kitchen.

This weekend I will be travelling home from previously mentioned nuptials (more of that later) so although I should be sufficiently organised to travel with a laptop, or blog from a phone what I am doing is reading a book on a train.

What I am also doing (as I have anticipated this difficulty in providing a regular flow of posts whilst elsewhere) is writing about Saturday’s racing the Wednesday before. Sounds tough? Well they manage it, after a fashion, in the Weekender racing paper.

What I would prefer to do would be to live in gentler times, like Dorothy Paget. She was a prolific racehorse owner, most notably Golden Miller, and there is a story about her I like. Apparently she was not an early riser, in fact she stayed in bed well past lunchtime. She would then be brought breakfast and the “morning” papers whereupon she would study the cards and telephone her bookmaker to place her bets for the day. This might be at 5 p.m. well after the races had been run. The bookmaker would nonetheless accept the bets, some of which were mighty in sum and pay out or otherwise depending on the result.

Marvellous. So in a back to front version of Dorothy’s life I have looked at the card for the Ascot Betfair Chase at Wednesday tea time and my view is this:

I was taken with The Sawyer at Cheltenham, but he is weighted right up to his very best here and surely has some work to do?

Monet’s Garden is one of my very favourite horses in training. His last race was at Ascot where he finished well adrift of Alberta’s Run. It was over 2f shorter though and one could say the pace just told in the end. Will the extra make the difference. At 12 it’s hard to say. He is a class act but he is just below his prime now.

I can never figure Alberta’s Run out, so there’s not much point trying three days in advance. His profile never really pulls me in.

Herecomesthetruth has been backed by me before but he is a tricky customer. Probably has the talent, but would not be one to put unguarded faith in!

I think Planet of Sound will win actually. He’s the improver and was giving 6lb and a blunder to Albertas last time. The Hobbs team are doing ok at the moment and I think he has the profile of a winner. Now he just has to jump round…

Golden Miller

I’m a bit worried because Herecomesthetruth is going to carry the No 2 saddlecloth I think. Is it a sign? I bet they didn’t say that in the Weekender!

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  1. I’m slightly confused as to what the Nap is here ; )

  2. I am ashamed to say at the prices half the field was backed. 7/1 the winner this morning is fair enuf reward. I am hoping AMB will verify the Haydock double later…

  3. Philip napped Monet’s btw.

    Is AMB still allowing us to back NP for the GN?

    I think Hedgehunter is the only recent winner to have shouldered over 11 stone.

  4. I quote (well more or less) AMB to my mother on Saturday morning when she had no right to be compos mentis at all “no horse has won with over 11st 1lb for 20 years…”

    So I am guessing no.

    We agreed State of Play has all green to go on the traffic light spreadsheet.

    She maybe licking her wounds now because she forced me to discuss Haydock and we said Souffleur & Silver By Nature and she didn’t back them. She sent me off with Roy the Boy Brindley’s Poker Playing book for the train. I’ve finished it, it’s a good read. “The next best thing to gambling and winning is to gamble and lose. The main thing is to play” etc.

  5. “The next best thing to gambling and winning is to gamble and lose. The main thing is to play…*”

    This is so clearly right because this:

    ‘The next best this to selecting and backing is winners is selecting and not backing winners.’

    doesn’t really work, does it?

    * Thrown in that ellipsis free of charge.

  6. …next best thing…

    my typographical ‘jokes’ would come off so much better if my first dratfs weren’t such an effing shambles…

  7. Don’t worry about the recalcitrant keyboard – it’s so annoying you can’t edit your own mistakes on other blogs.

    I have left an errant apostrophe hanging around on yours (serve me right for dissing Perkins) to my eternal shame…

    Hopefully no-one will notice. I am meant to teach this stuff too – probably a sackable offence 🙂

  8. Your* dismissed.


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